www.PoojanSamagriStore.com India’s First Website that Organize Your Pooja in Single Click. Buy pooja samagri online and the products related to religious rituals, festival and special occasions. The website caters to all religions. There are products from different- different places and is a specialty of that particular place like Rudraksha mala from Triumbekeshwar, Nasik, Abhishek Patra from Gujarat, Shivlinga from Madhya Pradesh etc. We also have decorative items which will help you to make your house look beautiful, like decorative diyas, Om symbol metal piece, scented ghee diyas, decorative lamps etc. You can also find dresses for god and goddesses like, we have dresses for Shivparivar, Saibaba etc. You can also get idols of god and goddesses like thakurji jhula, thakurji murti, Mata murti etc. Festival related items and products are also available like balloons for Holi, pichkari, colors, diyas for Diwali, fairy lights, lamp holder, decorative lamp, scented diyas, material and gifts to decorate Christmas tree, artificial Christmas trees and Santa Claus toy for Christmas etc



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