Havan Mango Wood/Aam Ki Lakdi


UNIT : 1 kg

  • Dry Mango Wood.
  • Wood sticks for starting fire in a Puja.
  • Pure and 100% natural Bilva sticks for any kind of Puja, Havan samithu/shamidhu, yagnas,rituals.
  • Sticks Length between 5 to 6 Inches.
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Mango Wood Sticks for offering to the Havan, or the sacred fire. Mango Wood sticks for Havan, Havan firewood for Puja. Dry Havan wood 50 sticks. Pure and 100% natural Mango Wood sticks for any kind of Puja., Hawan samithu/shamidha, sticks length approx 5 to 6 inches.


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