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Katha (Story) of Monday fast (Somvar vrat) Sixteen Somvar Vrat Legend Certain Hindu women fast for sixteen Mondays in a row to please Shiva. There are lots of myths and mythology concerning why this fast is observed. Based on some communities, this is the fast that Mata Parvati had kept so as to have Shiva as her husband. That’s the reason young girls observe this fast so they might have a companion like Lord (bhagawan) Shiva. In Indian culture, Shiva is seen as the perfect husband as he is very easy to make happy. Another story goes that Lord (bhagawan) Shiva and Parvati were on their tactic to the divine city of Amravati and stopped at a temple to rest. To pass time they started playing a game of dice. Mata Parvati asked the priest (pandit) of the temple (mandir) to predict who would be the winner of the game. The priest (pandit) being a devotee of Lord Shiva named his him without a second thought. But ultimately, Mata Parvati won and annoyed by the priests impertinence, cursed him to become a leper. The priest (pandit) lived a cursed existence until several fairies from heaven told him regarding the 16 Monday fasts. As Monday is the day of Shiva, the priest (pandit) did as he was told. After 16 Mondays of fasting, the priest (pandit) was restored to good well being. The story spread everywhere and lots of people started fasting on Mondays. That’s the reason, this fast is speculated to have very powerful outcome.


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